Legend Options

Options available for the legend.

Referenced by: ClassBreaks Renderer, ColorInfo Visual Variable, Dot Density Renderer, Flow Renderer, RotationInfo Visual Variable, SizeInfo Visual Variable, TransparencyInfo Visual Variable, UniqueValue Renderer


Property Details
dotLabel The text that should be displayed in the legend for each dot. This will display next to the number 1. If not present, it will be a localized string for the word 'Dot'.
order Indicates the order in which the legend is displayed.
Valid values:
  • ascendingValues
  • descendingValues
showLegend Indicates whether to show the color/size/opacity ramp in the legend. This property is not available directly under uniqueValueRenderer and/or classBreaksRenderer.
title The title of the legend.
unit Indicates the unit of the data being visualized in a dotDensity renderer. This will display next to the dot value in the title of the legend.

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