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Web Map Specification


Predefined bookmarks for use by the application. A bookmark is a saved map extent that allows end users to quickly navigate to a particular area of interest.

Referenced by: Webmap


Property Details
extent An extent object containing a spatial reference, a lower left coordinate, and an upper right coordinate defining the rectangular area of the bookmark. The spatial reference must be the same as the map spatial reference. Documentation for the envelope is in the Geometry Objects topic of the ArcGIS REST API help.
name A string name for the bookmark.
thumbnail Object containing a thumbnail image.


  "bookmark": {
    "extent": {
      "spatialReference": {
        "wkid": 102100
      "xmax": -12251063.434141435,
      "xmin": -12561092.020865962,
      "ymax": 4977986.7113767695,
      "ymin": 4811659.737828305
    "name": "Utah County"

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