Dimensional Definition

The dimensional definition defines a display filter based on one variable and one dimension. It is typically used when filtering data based on slices or ranges in one or more dimensions with mosaicRule.description. If the multidimensionalSubset is defined on the TiledImageServiceLayer or the mosaicRule then the multidimensionalDefinition must be within the defined multidimensionalSubset, otherwise nothing will be displayed.

Referenced by: mosaicRule, Multidimensional Subset, Tiled Image Service Layer (ArcGISTiledImageServiceLayer)


Property Details
dimensionName Type of dimension being used (ex. StdTime).
isSlice Is slice?
values[] Numerical array of associated values.
variableName Name of the variable.

Additional information

Multidimensional Definition in ArcGIS REST API).


  "variableName": "",
  "dimensionName": "StdTime",
  "values": [
  "isSlice": true

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