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Web Map Specification

Feature Reduction

Feature reductions declutter the screen by hiding features that would otherwise intersect with other features on screen.

Referenced by: layerDefinition


Property Details
clusterMaxSize Size of the largest cluster, in screen units (points).
clusterMinSize Size of the smallest cluster, in screen units (points).
clusterRadius Strength of clustering, in screen units (points).
disablePopup Indicates whether to ignore popups defined by the service item.
drawingInfo Contains labeling information for the cluster.
popupInfo Defines the look and feel of popup windows when a user clicks or queries a feature.
showLabels Defines whether labels should be shown in the clusters.
type Type of feature reduction.
If property is present, value of this property must be cluster


  "featureReduction": {
    "type": "cluster",
    "clusterRadius": 75,
    "clusterMinSize": 18,
    "clusterMaxSize": 45,
    "popupInfo": {
      "description": "This cluster represents {cluster_count} features.",
      "fieldInfos": [
          "fieldName": "cluster_count",
          "format": {
            "digitSeparator": true,
            "places": 0
          "visible": false
      "title": ""
    "drawingInfo": {
      "labelingInfo": [
          "deconflictionStrategy": "none",
          "labelExpressionInfo": {
            "expression": "Text($feature.cluster_count, '#,###')"
          "labelPlacement": "esriServerPointLabelPlacementCenterCenter",
          "symbol": {
            "type": "esriTS",
            "color": [
            "font": {
              "family": "Noto Sans",
              "size": 9,
              "weight": "bold"
            "horizontalAlignment": "center",
            "kerning": true,
            "rotated": false,
            "text": "",
            "xoffset": 0,
            "yoffset": 0,
            "angle": 0
    "showLabels": true,
    "disablePopup": false

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