Feature Reduction Cluster

Clustering declutters the screen by hiding features that would otherwise intersect with other features on screen.

Referenced by: Feature Reduction


Property Details
clusterMaxSize Size of the largest cluster, in screen units (points).
clusterMinSize Size of the smallest cluster, in screen units (points).
clusterRadius Strength of clustering, in screen units (points).
disablePopup Indicates whether to disable viewing popups defined for the clusters.
drawingInfo Contains labeling and rendering information for the cluster.
fields[] An array of objects defining the aggregate fields to use in cluster popups, labels, and explicit renderers.
popupInfo Defines the popup used to describe aggregate data in the selected cluster.
showLabels Defines whether labels should be shown in the clusters.
type Type of feature reduction.
Valid value of this property cluster
visibilityInfo Defines the threshold for toggling between when a layer should be drawn using the feature reduction configuration versus the layer's drawing info.

Clustered layer defined with a popup and labels Example

  "type": "cluster",
  "clusterRadius": 75,
  "clusterMinSize": 18,
  "clusterMaxSize": 45,
  "popupInfo": {
    "description": "This cluster represents {cluster_count} features.",
    "fieldInfos": [
        "fieldName": "cluster_count",
        "format": {
          "digitSeparator": true,
          "places": 0
        "visible": false
    "title": ""
  "drawingInfo": {
    "labelingInfo": [
        "deconflictionStrategy": "none",
        "labelExpressionInfo": {
          "expression": "Text($feature.cluster_count, '#,###')"
        "labelPlacement": "esriServerPointLabelPlacementCenterCenter",
        "symbol": {
          "type": "esriTS",
          "color": [
          "font": {
            "family": "Noto Sans",
            "size": 9,
            "weight": "bold"
          "horizontalAlignment": "center",
          "kerning": true,
          "rotated": false,
          "text": "",
          "xoffset": 0,
          "yoffset": 0,
          "angle": 0
  "showLabels": true,
  "disablePopup": false,
  "visibilityInfo": {
    "maxScale": 24000,
    "type": "scale"

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