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Web Map Specification


Defines a container that holds a set of form elements that can be expanded, collapsed, or displayed together.

Referenced by: formInfo


Property Details
description A string that describes the element in detail.
formElements An array of Form Element objects that represent an ordered list of form elements. Nested group elements are not supported.
Array of items of the following types:
initialState Defines if the group should be expanded or collapsed when the form is initially displayed. If not provided, the default value is expanded
If property is present, must be one of the following values:
  • collapsed
  • expanded
label A string value indicating what the element represents.
type String value indicating which type of element to use.
Value of this property must be group
visibilityExpression A reference to an Arcade expression that returns a boolean value. When this expression evaluates to true, the element is displayed. When the expression evaluates to false the element is not displayed. If no expression is provided, the default behavior is that the element is displayed.


  "initialState": "expanded",
  "description": "Add property-specific details",
  "label": "Property Details",
  "type": "group",
  "visibilityExpression": "expr0",
  "formElements": [
      "type": "field",
      "fieldName": "damageType",
      "label": "Type of damage",
      "requiredExpression": "expr1",
      "inputType": {
        "type": "combo-box"
      "type": "attachment",
      "attachmentKeyword": "structure-image",
      "description": "Take a photo of the structure",
      "label": "Photo of structure",
      "inputType": {
        "type": "image"
      "type": "relationship",
      "relationshipId": 0,
      "displayCount": 3,
      "displayType": "list",
      "label": "Previous Inspections",
      "orderByFields": [
          "field": "inspectionDate",
          "order": "desc"

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