Knowledge Graph Sub Table (KnowledgeGraphSubTable)

A table is a non-spatial dataset in a Knowledge Graph Server. A table can be created by specifying a graph type name in a Knowledge Graph Server.

Referenced by: Knowledge Graph Layer (KnowledgeGraphLayer)


Property Details
displayExpressionInfo Object defining Arcade expression that will return a display name used for listing entities or relationships. This Arcade expression profile expects the returnType to be always a string.
graphType Indicates the type of graph object.
Valid values:
  • entity
  • relationship
graphTypeName A unique identifying knowledge graph entity type or relationship name.
id Unique string identifier for the table.
layerDefinition A layerDefinition object defining the attribute schema and drawing information for the layer.
See layerDefinition properties table.
layerType String indicating the table type.
Valid value of this property KnowledgeGraphSubTable
popupInfo An object defining the content of popup windows when you query a record and the sort option for child related records.
refreshInterval Refresh interval of the table in minutes. Non-zero value indicates automatic table refresh at the specified interval. Value of 0 indicates auto refresh is not enabled.
title String value for the title of the table.

layerDefinition properties

Property Details
definitionExpression SQL-based definition expression string that narrows the data to be displayed in the layer.
timeInfo An object that defines properties to enable time on a layer or table. Refer to the individual layerDefinition properties to see which layer types support this.

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