Utility Network

Identifies the central object for utility network schema information to access utility-related functionality, such as tracing and querying associations.

Referenced by: Webmap


Property Details
id A unique identifying string for the utility network.
title A user-friendly string title for the utility network that can be used in a table of contents.
traceConfigurations[] An array of pre-configured trace configurations for quickly running common traces.
url A string value indicating the URL to the utility network layer.

utilityNetwork Example

Support a utility network with three different pre-configured traces

  "id": "1",
  "title": "Electric Utility Network",
  "url": "https://sampleserver7.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services/UtilityNetwork/NapervilleElectric/FeatureServer/921",
  "traceConfigurations": [
      "title": "Circuit Trace",
      "id": "111ce238-a186-42f1-bcbd-05a1180ff484"
      "title": "Upstream Protective device trace",
      "id": "f0f3e0da-620a-43c2-b52c-59461e4eac95"
      "title": "Downstream customer trace",
      "id": "da61a483-6770-4721-868a-b78745a5f183"

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