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Web Map Specification


Time info if the layer/table supports querying and exporting maps based on time.

Referenced by: layerDefinition


Property Details
endTimeField The name of the attribute field that contains the end time information.
exportOptions The default time-related export options for this layer.
hasLiveData Indicates whether service has live data.
startTimeField The name of the attribute field that contains the start time information.
timeExtent The time extent for all the data in the layer.
timeInterval Time interval of the data in the layer. Typically used for the TimeSlider when animating the layer.
timeIntervalUnits Temporal unit in which the time interval is measured.
If property is present, must be one of the following values: esriTimeUnitsCenturies, esriTimeUnitsDays, esriTimeUnitsDecades, esriTimeUnitsHours, esriTimeUnitsMilliseconds, esriTimeUnitsMinutes, esriTimeUnitsMonths, esriTimeUnitsSeconds, esriTimeUnitsUnknown, esriTimeUnitsWeeks, esriTimeUnitsYears
timeReference Information about how the time was measured.
trackIdField The field that contains the trackId.

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