The format object can be used with numerical or date fields to provide more detail about how values should be formatted for display.

Referenced by: fieldInfo_labelingInfo, fieldInfo


Property Details
dateFormat A string used with date fields to specify how the date should be formatted.
Valid values: dayShortMonthYear, dayShortMonthYearLongTime, dayShortMonthYearLongTime24, dayShortMonthYearShortTime, dayShortMonthYearShortTime24, longDate, longDateLongTime, longDateLongTime24, longDateShortTime, longDateShortTime24, longMonthDayYear, longMonthDayYearLongTime, longMonthDayYearLongTime24, longMonthDayYearShortTime, longMonthDayYearShortTime24, longMonthYear, shortDate, shortDateLE, shortDateLELongTime, shortDateLELongTime24, shortDateLEShortTime, shortDateLEShortTime24, shortDateLongTime, shortDateLongTime24, shortDateShortTime, shortDateShortTime24, shortMonthYear, year
digitSeparator A Boolean used with numerical fields. A value of true allows the number to have a digit (or thousands) separator. Depending on the locale, this separator is a decimal point or a comma. A value of false means that no separator will be used.
places An integer used with numerical fields to specify the number of decimal places. Any places beyond this value are rounded.

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