Feature Layer Source

The source for a feature layer to be used as fences for Geotriggers. For example, data from an online feature service or offline geodatabase table.

Referenced by: Feature Fence Parameters


Property Details
layerId A unique identifying string that must match the id property of a feature layer in an associated map. The fence parameters will use the same underlying data as the feature layer in the map.
layerUrl For online data, a URL to a feature layer that will be used for all queries.
tablePath For offline data, a path to a geodatabase file. A URI format is used starting with file: followed by a file system path with a .geodatabase extension. A query parameter itemId must also be present specifying the ID of a table in the geodatabase's GDB_ServiceItems table. A relative path must be from the file which defines the layer. For example file:../p20/northamerica.geodatabase?itemId=1.
type String indicating the type of source.
Valid value of this property featureLayer

Feature layer source Example

  "layerUrl": "http://sampleserver6.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services/Recreation/MapServer/0",
  "type": "featureLayer"

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