Defines how a field in the dataset participates (or does not participate) in a popup window.

Referenced by: popupElement fields, popupInfo


Property Details
fieldName A string containing the field name as defined by the service. Anywhere that a fieldname is referenced as {field-name} in popupInfo, an Arcade expression can also be referenced as {expression/}`.
format A format object used with numerical or date fields to provide more detail about how the value should be displayed in a web map popup window.
isEditable A Boolean determining whether users can edit this field. Not applicable to Arcade expressions.
label A string containing the field alias. This can be overridden by the web map author. Not applicable to Arcade expressions as title is used instead.
statisticType Used in a 1:many or many:many relationship to compute the statistics on the field to show in the popup.
Valid values: avg, count, max, min, stddev, sum, var
stringFieldOption A string determining what type of input box editors see when editing the field. Applies only to string fields. Not applicable to Arcade expressions.
Valid values:
  • richtext
  • textarea
  • textbox
tooltip A string providing an editing hint for editors of the field. Not applicable to Arcade expressions.
visible A Boolean determining whether the field is visible in the popup window.


  "fieldName": "relationships/2/Postcode",
  "label": "Postcode",
  "isEditable": false,
  "visible": false,
  "statisticType": "count",
  "stringFieldOption": "textbox"

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