Join Table DataSource

Join Table data source is the result of a join operation. Nested joins are supported. To use nested joins, set either leftTableSource or rightTableSource to be a joinTable.

Referenced by: dataSource


Property Details
joinType The type of join (left outer or left inner).
Valid values:
  • esriLeftInnerJoin
  • esriLeftOuterJoin
leftTableKey Field name from the left table.
leftTableSource The left source. If the leftTableSource is a table, the resulting joinTable is a table. If the leftTableSource is a layer, the resulting joinTable is a layer.
rightTableKey Field name from the right table.
rightTableSource The right table source.
type String value indicating the type for the dataSource.
Valid value of this property joinTable


  "type": "joinTable",
  "leftTableSource": {
    "type": "mapLayer",
    "mapLayerId": 0
  "rightTableSource": {
    "type": "dataLayer",
    "dataSource": {
      "type": "table",
      "workspaceId": "MAP",
      "dataSourceName": "MAP.user1.TaxLots",
      "gdbVersion": "MAP.Version1"
  "leftTableKey": "STATE_FIPS",
  "rightTableKey": "FIPS",
  "joinType": "esriLeftOuterJoin"

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