An object defining a layer of features whose geometry and attributes will be stored directly within the web map. This is used when features are referenced by the client and no url is being used. Feature Collection can be generated from shapefiles, CSVs, GPX files, or map notes. Map notes allows you to add your own data directly to a map. With a map notes layer, you use features to symbolize something you want to show on your map. You can also add descriptive information that appears in pop-ups when the feature is clicked. Map notes are stored directly within the web map and not as a separate item.


Property Details
groupIdField The name of the attribute field of features in the feature collection that contains group identifier. The identifier will be one of those specified in groups.
groups Specifies the type of groups available in the feature collection.
layers An array of layer objects defining the styling, geometry, and attribute information for the features.
showLegend A Boolean indicating if this layer should be shown in the legend in client applications.


  "featureCollection": {
    "showLegend": false,
    "groupIdField": "GROUPID",
    "groups": [
        "groupId": 1,
        "groupType": "pointSymbolCallout"

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