This object specifies the angular positions and layout directions for labels on or around point feature symbols. This may be different for each feature (driven by one or more feature attributes) or constant for all features (specified by a fixed number)

Referenced by: labelingInfo


Property Details
angleExpressionInfo This expressionInfo object allows specifies how the angle (in degrees) for a label is calculated from the feature attributes. It may use attributes, fixed numbers, or a combination of both. If missing, an angle value of zero is assumed.
rotationType Optional specification of whether the placement angle calculated by the angleExpressionInfo should be interpreted as arithmetic (counter-clockwise from East) or geographic (clockwise from North).
Valid values:
  • arithmetic
  • geographic

Specification using Arcade expression Example

  "angleExpressionInfo": {
    "expression": "iif($feature.type == 11, $feature.SITE_ANGLE, 90-2*$feature['other angle'])"
  "rotationType": "arithmetic"

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