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Stretch Renderer

This renderer displays continuous raster cell values across a gradual ramp of colors. Use this renderer to draw a single band of continuous data. This renderer works well when you have a large range of values to display, such as with imagery or scientific data.

Referenced by: renderer


Property Details
colorRamp A colorRamp object is used to specify a range of colors that are applied to a group of symbols.
computeGamma Indicates if gamma values should be computed by default.
dra Indicates if Dynamic Range Adjustment should be applied.
gamma The list of Gamma value(s).
max The current maximum output value.
maxPercent The current maximum percent value.
min The current minimum output value.
minPercent The current minimum percent value.
numberOfStandardDeviations The number of standard deviations for standard deviation stretch.
sigmoidStrengthLevel Set this from (1 to 6) to adjust the curvature of Sigmoid curve used in color stretch.
statistics The custom raster stretch statistics.
stretchType The stretch types for stretch raster function.
If property is present, must be one of the following values: histogramEqualization, minMax, none, percentClip, sigmoid, standardDeviation
type Specifies the type of renderer used.
If property is present, value of this property must be rasterStretch
useGamma Indicates if the renderer applies Gamma stretch.

Additional information

For each stretchType there are specific sets of requirements that are as follows:
none: does not require other parameters.
standardDeviation: requires numberOfStandardDeviations, statistics, or dra.
histogramEqualization: requires the source dataset to have histograms or additional dra.
minMax: requires statistics or dra.
percentClip: requires minPercent, maxPercent, and dra.
sigmoid: does not require other parameters. Optionally, set the sigmoidStrengthLevel (1 to 6) to adjust the curvature of Sigmoid curve used in color stretch.


  "renderer": {
    "type": "rasterStretch",
    "statistics": [

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