OpenStreetMap Layer (OpenStreetMap)

Allows use of OpenStreetMap data for use in basemaps only.

Referenced by: baseMapLayer


Property Details
blendMode Blend modes are used to create various effects by blending colors of top and background layers. normal blend mode is the default.
Valid values: average, color, color-burn, color-dodge, darken, destination-atop, destination-in, destination-out, destination-over, difference, exclusion, hard-light, hue, invert, lighten, lighter, luminosity, minus, multiply, normal, overlay, plus, reflect, saturation, screen, soft-light, source-atop, source-in, source-out, vivid-light, xor
effect Effect provides various filter functions to achieve different visual effects similar to how image filters (photo apps) work.
id A unique identifying string for the layer.
layerType String indicating the layer type.
Valid value of this property OpenStreetMap
maxScale A numeric property used to determine the maximum scale at which the layer is displayed.
minScale A numeric property used to determine the minimum scale at which the layer is displayed.
opacity The degree of transparency applied to the layer on the client side, where 0 is full transparency and 1 is no transparency.
title String title for the basemap layer.
type Deprecated, use layerType instead.
visibility Boolean property determining whether the layer is initially visible in the web map.
visibilityTimeExtent Represents time extent that will control when a layer should be visible based on webmap's current time. Visibility time extent only affects the layer visibility and will not filter the data.


Live sample web maps showing the OpenStreetMap as a baseMapLayer

  "title": "OSM",
  "type": "OpenStreetMap",
  "layerType": "OpenStreetMap",
  "opacity": 1,
  "visibility": true,
  "id": "OpenStreetMap",
  "blendMode": "hue"

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