An object that defines the attribute schema and drawing information for a layer drawn using client-side graphics.

Referenced by: Annotation Layer (ArcGISAnnotationLayer), Catalog Layer (CatalogLayer), CSV Layer (CSV), Dimension Layer (ArcGISDimensionLayer), Feature Layer (ArcGISFeatureLayer), Footprint Layer (FootprintLayer), GeoJSON Layer (GeoJSON), Image Service Layer (ArcGISImageServiceLayer), Image Service Vector Layer (ArcGISImageServiceVectorLayer), Knowledge Graph Sub Table (KnowledgeGraphSubTable), KnowledgeGraph Sub Layer (KnowledgeGraphSubLayer), layer, OGC Feature Layer, Oriented Imagery Layer (OrientedImageryLayer), Stream Layer (ArcGISStreamLayer), Subtype Group Layer (SubtypeGroupLayer), Subtype Group Table (SubtypeGroupTable), Subtype Layer (SubtypeLayer), Subtype Table (SubtypeTable), table, Tiled Image Service Layer (ArcGISTiledImageServiceLayer), Web Feature Service Layer (WFS)


Property Details
allowGeometryUpdates Boolean value indicating whether the geometry of the features in the layer can be edited.
barrierWeight Optional weight of features in AnnotationLayers and DimensionLayers when considered as barriers to labeling. If not set but required, the default value is assumed to be High.
Valid values:
  • High
  • Low
  • Medium
  • None
capabilities A comma separated list of supported capabilities, e.g. Query,Editing.
copyrightText String value for the copyright text information for the layer.
currentVersion Numeric value indicating the server version of the layer.
defaultVisibility Boolean value indicating whether the layer's visibility is turned on.
definitionEditor Stores interactive filters.
definitionExpression SQL-based definition expression string that narrows the data to be displayed in the layer.
Must be one of the following values:
  • String
  • Null
definitionGeometry An extent object used to filter features for StreamLayer. Only features that intersect the extent are displayed.
description String value of the layer as defined in the map service.
displayField A string value that summarizes the feature.
displayFilterInfo Display filters provide information about which features should be rendered on the display.
drawingInfo Contains the drawing and labeling information.
extent An object defining the rectangular area.
Must be one of the following values:
featureReduction An object defining how to aggregate dense point data to clusters or bins.
fieldOverrides[] The layer-specific overrides of field properties. Used by SubtypeGroupLayer to modify field information for each subtype. Any field missing from this array should be hidden.
fields[] An array of field objects containing information about the attribute fields for the feature collection or layer.
floorInfo Contains floor-awareness information for the layer.
geometryType A string defining the type of geometry. Possible geometry types are: esriGeometryPoint, esriGeometryMultipoint, esriGeometryPolyline, esriGeometryPolygon, and esriGeometryEnvelope.
globalIdField The unique identifier for a feature or table row within a geodatabase.
hasAttachments Indicates whether attachments should be loaded for the layer.
hasM Boolean value indicating whether layer has M values.
hasStaticData Boolean value indicating whether data changes. True if it does not.
hasZ Boolean value indicating whether layer has Z values.
htmlPopupType String value indicating the HTML popup type.
Valid values:
  • esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsHTMLText
  • esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsURL
  • esriServerHTMLPopupTypeNone
id The identifier assigned to the layer.
isDataVersioned Boolean value indicating whether the data is versioned.
maxRecordCount Numeric value indicating tbe maximum number of records that will be returned at once for a query.
maxScale Integer property used to determine the maximum scale at which the layer is displayed.
minScale Integer property used to determine the minimum scale at which the layer is displayed.
name Contains a unique name for the layer that can be displayed in a legend.
objectIdField Indicates the name of the object ID field in the dataset.
orderBy[] An array of orderByField objects specifying the feature display order. Features can be sorted in ascending or descending order of a numeric or date field only. If ascending, features with smaller values will be drawn on top of features with larger values. For date values, ascending order means features with older dates will be drawn on top of features with recent dates. If descending, the sort behavior is reversed. Only one field can be specified at this time. When this property is not defined, features are displayed in the order in which they are received by the client.
overrideSymbols Dictates whether a client can support having an end user modify symbols on individual features.
rangeInfos[] Indicates range information
source An object indicating the layerDefinition's layer source.
spatialReference An object containing the WKID or WKT identifying the spatial reference of the layer's geometry.
supportedQueryFormats String value indicating the output formats that are supported in a query.
supportsAdvancedQueries Boolean value indicating whether the layer supports orderByFields in a query operation.
supportsAttachmentsByUploadId Boolean value indicating whether the layer supports uploading attachments with the Uploads operation. This can then be used in the Add Attachment and Update Attachment operations.
supportsCalculate Boolean value indicating whether the layer supports the Calculate REST operation when updating features.
supportsRollbackOnFailureParameter Boolean value indicating whether the layer supports rolling back edits made on a feature layer if some of the edits fail.
supportsStatistics Boolean value indicating whether feature layer query operations support statistical functions.
supportsValidateSql Boolean value indicating whether the validateSQL operation is supported across a feature service layer.
templates[] A property of the layer definition when there are no types defined; otherwise, templates are defined as properties of the types.
timeInfo The time info metadata of the layer. May be set for feature layers inside a feature collection item.
type Indicates whether the layerDefinition applies to a Feature Layer or a Table.
Valid values:
  • Feature Layer
  • Table
typeIdField Contains the name of the field holding the type ID for the features.
types[] Contains information about an attribute field.
visibilityField String value indicating the attribute field that is used to control the visibility of a feature. If applicable, when rendering a feature the client should use this field to control visibility. The field's values are 0 = do not display, 1 = display.


  "drawingInfo": {
    "renderer": {
      "rotationType": "geographic",
      "rotationExpression": "[AZIMUTH]",
      "visualVariables": [
          "type": "rotationInfo",
          "rotationType": "geographic",
          "field": "AZIMUTH"
      "type": "simple",
      "label": "renderer label",
      "description": "renderer description",
      "symbol": {
        "angle": 0,
        "xoffset": 0,
        "yoffset": 0,
        "type": "esriPMS",
        "url": "9c4163ed7e32b5b36721bd9b34190ae4",
        "imageData": "...",
        "contentType": "image/png",
        "width": 60,
        "height": 60
    "labelingInfo": [
        "labelExpression": "[AZIMUTH]",
        "useCodedValues": true,
        "maxScale": 0,
        "minScale": 0,
        "labelPlacement": "esriServerPointLabelPlacementAboveRight",
        "symbol": {
          "color": [
          "type": "esriTS",
          "horizontalAlignment": "center",
          "angle": 0,
          "xoffset": 0,
          "yoffset": 0,
          "text": "",
          "rotated": false,
          "kerning": true,
          "font": {
            "size": 13.333333333333332,
            "style": "normal",
            "weight": "normal",
            "family": "serif"

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