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Web Map Specification


A basemap layer is a layer that provides geographic context to the map. A web map always contains a basemap. The basemap has a title and is the combination of each baseMapLayer. It is required that a baseMap be saved within the web map.

Referenced by: slide, Webmap


Property Details
baseMapLayers An array of baseMapLayer objects defining the basemaps used in the web map.
title Required string title for the basemap that can be used in a table of contents. It takes the title of the first baseMapLayer in the array.


  "baseMap": {
    "baseMapLayers": [
        "title": "Bing Maps Road",
        "type": "BingMapsRoad",
        "layerType": "BingMapsRoad",
        "portalUrl": "",
        "opacity": 1,
        "visibility": true,
        "id": "BingMapsRoad"
    "title": "Imagery with Labels"

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