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Web Map Specification


A basemap layer is a layer that provides geographic context to the map. A web map always contains a basemap. The basemap has a title and is the combination of each baseMapLayer. It is required that a baseMap be saved within the web map.


Property Details
baseMapLayers An array of baseMapLayer objects defining the basemaps used in the web map.
title Required string title for the basemap that can be used in a table of contents. It takes the title of the first baseMapLayer in the array.


  "baseMap": {
    "baseMapLayers": [
        "title": "Bing Maps Road",
        "type": "BingMapsRoad",
        "layerType": "BingMapsRoad",
        "portalUrl": "",
        "opacity": 1,
        "visibility": true,
        "id": "BingMapsRoad"
    "title": "Imagery with Labels"

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