The labelStackSeparator object specifies a character that indicates where a linebreak may, or must, be inserted into a text label.

Referenced by: labelingInfo


Property Details
breakPosition Optional property indicating whether a row of text should be broken before or after the character is encountered. We can insert a linebreak before or after the separator character. This is only useful if the separator character is visible after a linebreak is inserted. Using the before option means rows will generally be shorter than the stackRowLength although will overrun for individual words larger than this count. automatic will choose the appropriate default for each feature-geometry (currently after in all cases). This setting for an individual separator overrides the labelingInfo.stackBreakPosition property.
Valid values:
  • after
  • automatic
  • before
forced Optional property describing whether a linebreak must be inserted, when the character is encountered.
separator Single character (unicode codepoint).
visible Optional property describing whether the character still be visible, if the character is used as a linebreak (e.g. keep a hyphenation mark vs hide a separator)

Fully specified separator Example

  "separator": "|",
  "visible": false,
  "forced": true,
  "breakPosition": "after"

Minimally specified separator Example

  "separator": " "

Partially specified separator Example

  "separator": "-",
  "visible": true,
  "breakPosition": "before"

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