Simple Marker Symbol (esriSMS)

Simple marker symbols can be used to symbolize point geometries.

Referenced by: symbol


Property Details
angle Numeric value used to rotate the symbol. The symbol is rotated counter-clockwise. For example, The following, angle=-30, in will create a symbol rotated -30 degrees counter-clockwise; that is, 30 degrees clockwise.
color Color is represented as a four-element array. The four elements represent values for red, green, blue, and alpha in that order. Values range from 0 through 255. If color is undefined for a symbol, the color value is null.
outline Sets the outline of the marker symbol.
size Numeric size of the symbol given in points.
style String value representing the simple marker type.
Valid values: esriSMSCircle, esriSMSCross, esriSMSDiamond, esriSMSSquare, esriSMSTriangle, esriSMSX
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Valid value of this property esriSMS
xoffset Numeric value indicating the offset on the x-axis in points.
yoffset Numeric value indicating the offset on the y-axis in points.

Simple Marker Symbol Example

  "type": "esriSMS",
  "style": "esriSMSSquare",
  "color": [
  "size": 8,
  "angle": 0,
  "xoffset": 0,
  "yoffset": 0,
  "outline": {
    "color": [
    "width": 1

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