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Web Scene Specification


The basemap provides geographic context to the map and scene.

Referenced by: slide, Webscene


Property Details
baseMapLayers An array of baseMapLayer objects defining the basemaps used in the web scene.
elevationLayers Deprecated, use ground.layers instead 1. An array of elevationLayer objects defining the basemaps used in the web scene.
id A unique identifying string for the basemap.
title Required string title for the basemap that can be used in a table of contents.
transparency The degree of transparency applied to the basemap on the client side, where 0 is fully opaque and 1 is fully transparent.

Additional information

1elevationLayers was a required property until 1.7


Live sample web scene showing the Imagery with Labels as a baseMap

  "baseMap": {
    "baseMapLayers": [
        "id": "World_Imagery_5014",
        "title": "World Imagery",
        "layerType": "ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer",
        "opacity": 1,
        "visibility": true,
        "url": ""
        "id": "World_Boundaries_and_Places_9730",
        "title": "World Boundaries and Places",
        "layerType": "ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer",
        "isReference": true,
        "visibility": true,
        "url": ""
    "title": "Imagery with Labels"

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