Voxel Section

A section that is locked in for a specific variable and/or time. Allowing you to view the section together with other variables. A locked (or static) section is float32 raster. This JSON object contains the meta-data needed to display (and potentially re-generate) this raster.

When creating a web scene the locked sections must have this information as all properties come the web scene. If no section information is given, it is assumed there are no sections in the web scene.

Referenced by: voxelLayerDefinition


Property Details
enabled Boolean defining section visibility.
href Relative href to the static section raster binary. href is relative to the layer document which contains the href. Inside an SLPK archive, must be of the form resources/sections/<file>.bin.gz and the section raster should be gzip-compressed.
id The id of the section. Must be unique from other sections in the array.
label The label for the section.
normal[] Normal vector to the plane in voxel space.
point[] Point belonging to the section plane in voxel space.
sizeInPixel[] Array of size 2 which describes the dimension of the raster data in pixels.
slices[] A copy of the slices that were applied to the volume when the section was created when new UVs are discovered for subsequent time slices.
timeId Time slice id at which the section was created. timeId is only applicable when time is the 4th dimension.
variableId Id of the variable.


  "enabled": true,
  "id": 1,
  "href": "resources/sections/0ccc4cf611e1f0700111b066b939f366.bin.gz",
  "label": "Section 1",
  "point": [
  "normal": [
  "sizeInPixel": [
  "variableId": 1

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