TransparencyInfo Visual Variable

The transparencyInfo visual variable defines the transparency, or opacity, of each feature's symbol based on a numeric attribute field value.

Referenced by: visualVariable


Property Details
field Attribute field used for setting the transparency of a feature if no valueExpression is provided.
legendOptions Options available for the legend for visual variables.
See legendOptions properties table.
normalizationField Attribute field used to normalize the data.
stops[] An array of transparencyStop objects.
type Specifies the type of visual variable.
Valid value of this property transparencyInfo
valueExpression An Arcade expression evaluating to a number.
valueExpressionTitle The title identifying and describing the associated Arcade expression as defined in the valueExpression property.

legendOptions properties

Property Details
showLegend Indicates whether to show the color/size/opacity ramp in the legend.
title The title of the legend.

transparencyInfo Example

Live sample web scene showing use of the transparencyInfo visual variable.

  "type": "transparencyInfo",
  "field": "strength",
  "stops": [
      "value": 21,
      "transparency": 60
      "value": 39,
      "transparency": 10

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