TransparencyInfo Visual Variable

The transparencyInfo visual variable defines the transparency, or opacity, of each feature's symbol based on a numeric attribute field value.


Property Details
field Attribute field used for setting the transparency of a feature if no valueExpression is provided.
legendOptions Options available for the legend for visual variables.
normalizationField Attribute field used to normalize the data.
stops An array of transparencyStop objects.
type Specifies the type of visual variable.
Value of this property must be transparencyInfo
valueExpression An Arcade expression evaluating to a number.
valueExpressionTitle The title identifying and describing the associated Arcade expression as defined in the valueExpression property.


Live sample web scene showing use of the transparencyInfo visual variable.

  "visualVariables": [
      "type": "transparencyInfo",
      "field": "strength",
      "stops": [
          "value": 21,
          "transparency": 60
          "value": 39,
          "transparency": 10

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