mediaInfo image

Defines an image to be displayed in a popup window.

Referenced by: mediaInfo


Property Details
altText A string providing the alternate text for the media.
caption A string caption describing the media.
refreshInterval Refresh interval of the layer in minutes. Non-zero value indicates automatic layer refresh at the specified interval. Value of 0 indicates auto refresh is not enabled. If the property does not exist, it's equivalent to having a value of 0.
title A string title for the media.
type A string defining the type of media.
Valid value of this property image
value The value object contains information for popup windows about how images should be retrieved.

mediaInfo Example

  "type": "image",
  "title": "<div><p style='font-weight:bold;'><span>Image</span></p></div>",
  "caption": "<div><p><span>californiaa flag</span></p><p><span /></p></div>",
  "value": {
    "sourceURL": ""

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