SizeInfo Visual Variable

The sizeInfo visual variable defines how size is applied to features based on the values of a numeric field attribute. The minimum and maximum values of the data should be indicated along with their respective size values. You must specify either minSize and maxSize, or stops, or valueUnit to construct the size ramp. All features with values falling in between the specified min and max data values (or stops) will be scaled proportionally between the provided min and max sizes.

Referenced by: visualVariable


Property Details
axis Defines the axis the size visual variable should be applied to when rendering features with an ObjectSymbol3DLayer.
Valid values:
  • all
  • depth
  • height
  • width
  • widthAndDepth
field Attribute field used for size rendering if no valueExpression is provided.
legendOptions Options available for the legend for visual variables.
See legendOptions properties table.
maxDataValue The maximum data value.
maxSize Specifies the maximum size to be applied to the symbol. This is required if valueUnit is set to unknown.
minDataValue The minimum data value.
minSize Specifies the minimum size to be applied to the symbol. This is required if valueUnit is set to unknown.
normalizationField Attribute field used to normalize the data.
stops[] An array of objects that defines the thematic size ramp in a sequence of data or expression stops. At least two stops are required. The stops must be listed in ascending order based on the value of the value property in each stop. This property is required if minDataValue, maxDataValue, minSize, and maxSize are not defined.
target Only used when sizeInfo is used for polygon outlines.
Valid value of this property outline
type Specifies the type of visual variable.
Valid value of this property sizeInfo
useSymbolValue When setting a size visual variable on a renderer using an ObjectSymbol3DLayer, this property indicates whether to apply the value defined by the height, width, or depth properties to the corresponding axis of this visual variable instead of proportionally scaling this axis' value after other axes.
valueExpression An Arcade expression evaluating to a number.
valueExpressionTitle The title identifying and describing the associated Arcade expression as defined in the valueExpression property.
valueRepresentation Specifies how to apply the data value when mapping real-world sizes. See table below for supported values.
Valid values:
  • area
  • diameter
  • distance
  • radius
  • width
valueUnit A string value indicating the unit of measurement. Defaults to meters if not set.
Valid values: centimeters, decimal-degrees, decimeters, feet, inches, kilometers, meters, miles, millimeters, nautical-miles, unknown, yards

legendOptions properties

Property Details
customValues[] Type: Array
showLegend Indicates whether to show the color/size/opacity ramp in the legend.
title The title of the legend.

sizeInfo Example

Live sample web scene showing use of the sizeInfo visual variable.

  "type": "sizeInfo",
  "field": "Deaths",
  "axis": "all",
  "minSize": 6,
  "maxSize": 37,
  "minDataValue": 2814,
  "maxDataValue": 121179

sizeInfo with stops Example

  "type": "sizeInfo",
  "field": "Deaths",
  "legendOptions": {
    "title": "size",
    "customValues": [
  "stops": [
      "value": 2814,
      "size": 6
      "value": 121179,
      "size": 37

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