Table DataSource

Table data source is a table, feature class, or raster that resides in a registered workspace (either a folder or geodatabase). In the case of a geodatabase, if versioned, use version to switch to an alternate geodatabase version. If version is empty or missing, the registered geodatabase version will be used.

Referenced by: dataSource


Property Details
dataSourceName The fully-qualified string value used to specify where the dataSource is derived.
gdbVersion If applicable, the value indicating the version of the geodatabase.
type String value indicating the type for the dataSource. The value for a Table DataSource is table.
Valid value of this property table
workspaceId The unique string value used to identify the datasource's workspace.

Table DataSource Example

  "type": "table",
  "workspaceId": "MyDatabaseWorkspaceIDSSR2",
  "dataSourceName": "ss6.gdb.Lakes"

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