PathSymbol3DLayer renders polyline geometries by extruding a 2D profile along the line, resulting in visualizations like tubes, walls, etc.

Referenced by: LineSymbol3D


Property Details
anchor The position of the extrusion profile with respect to the polyline geometry.
Valid values:
  • bottom
  • center
  • top
cap Shape of the tips at the start and end of each path geometry.
Valid values:
  • butt
  • none
  • round
  • square
castShadows Boolean to control the shadow casting behaviour of the rendered geometries.
height Path height in meters. If unspecified, it is equal to width.
join Shape of the intersection of two line segments.
Valid values:
  • bevel
  • miter
  • round
material The material used to shade the geometry.
profile The shape which is extruded along the line.
Valid values:
  • circle
  • quad
profileRotation Specifies the axes about which the profile may be rotated at the joins. Constraining the rotation axes leads to a fixed orientation of the profile for the specified directions.
Valid values:
  • all
  • heading
size Path size (diameter) in meters. Ignored if either width or height are present.
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Valid value of this property Path
width Path width in meters. If unspecified, it is equal to height.

Red tube Example

  "type": "Path",
  "material": {
    "color": [
  "size": 12

Thin wall Example

  "type": "Path",
  "profile": "quad",
  "width": 0,
  "height": 50,
  "anchor": "bottom",
  "profileRotation": "heading"

Strip Example

  "type": "Path",
  "profile": "quad",
  "width": 10,
  "height": 1,
  "anchor": "center",
  "profileRotation": "heading"

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