popupElement fields

Configures fields in popup elements.

Referenced by: popupElement


Property Details
attributes A dictionary of key value pairs representing attributes to be used instead of fields and their values. This property is only used when an element of type fields is being returned inside an element of type expression and should be returned as part of the arcade expression itself. This property allows passing arcade derived attribute values into fields elements. More details can be found here.
description An optional string value describing the element in detail. This property does not apply when the type is text or expression.
fieldInfos[] It is an array of fieldInfo objects representing a field/value pair displayed as a table within the popupElement. If the fieldInfos property is not provided, the popupElement will display whatever is specified directly in the popupInfo.fieldInfos property.
title An optional string value indicating what the element represents. This property does not apply when the type is text or expression.
Valid value of this property fields

popupElement fields Example

  "fieldInfos": [
      "fieldName": "rotation",
      "visible": true,
      "isEditable": true,
      "label": "rotation"
  "type": "fields"

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