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Web Scene Specification

search layer

Layer configuration for search.


Property Details
field Contains information about an attribute field.
See field properties table.
id A string identifying the layer.
subLayer Optional index for a sublayer.

field properties

Property Details
exactMatch A Boolean defining whether or not the field is an exact match.
name A string defining the field name.
type A string defining the field type.
If property is present, must be one of the following values:
  • esriFieldTypeBlob
  • esriFieldTypeDate
  • esriFieldTypeDouble
  • esriFieldTypeGeometry
  • esriFieldTypeGlobalID
  • esriFieldTypeGUID
  • esriFieldTypeInteger
  • esriFieldTypeLong
  • esriFieldTypeOID
  • esriFieldTypeRaster
  • esriFieldTypeSingle
  • esriFieldTypeSmallInteger
  • esriFieldTypeString
  • esriFieldTypeXML

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