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Web Scene Specification


The image service uses a mosaic rule to mosaick multiple rasters on the fly. The mosaic rule parameter is used by many image service operations, for example, export image and identify operations.

Referenced by: Image Service Layer (ArcGISImageServiceLayer)


Property Details
ascending Indicate whether to use ascending or descending order.
fids A list that defines a subset of rasters used in the mosaic, be aware that the rasters may not be visible at all scales.
itemRenderingRule The rendering rule applies on items before mosaicking.
lockRasterIds Lock a few rasters in the image service. Used together with esriMosaicLockRaster.
mosaicMethod A string value that determines how the selected rasters are ordered.
Must be one of the following values:
  • esriMosaicAttribute
  • esriMosaicCenter
  • esriMosaicLockRaster
  • esriMosaicNadir
  • esriMosaicNone
  • esriMosaicNorthwest
  • esriMosaicSeamline
  • esriMosaicViewpoint
mosaicOperation Use the mosaic operation to resolve overlap pixel values: from first or last raster, use the min, max or mean of the pixel values, or blend them.
If property is present, must be one of the following values:
  • MT_MAX
  • MT_MIN
  • MT_SUM
multidimensionalDefinition Definition of multidimentional variables.
sortField The field name used together with esriMosaicAttribute method.
sortValue The base sort value used together with esriMosaicAttribute method and sortField parameter.
viewpoint Use a view point along with esriMosaicViewpoint.
where Deprecated. Use layerDefinition.definitionExpression instead.

Additional information

Mosaic rule in ArcGIS REST API

mosaic rule None Example

  "mosaicRule": {
    "mosaicMethod": "esriMosaicNone",
    "ascending": true,
    "fids": [
    "mosaicOperation": "MT_FIRST"

mosaic rule ByAttribute Example

  "mosaicRule": {
    "mosaicMethod": "esriMosaicAttribute",
    "sortField": "acquisitionDate",
    "sortValue": "2010/12/31"

mosaic rule Viewpoint Example

  "mosaicRule": {
    "mosaicMethod": "esriMosaicViewpoint",
    "viewpoint": {
      "x": 100,
      "y": 90,
      "spatialReference": {
        "wkid": 4326
    "where": "ImageType='Landsat7'"

mosaic rule LockRaster Example

  "mosaicRule": {
    "mosaicMethod": "esriMosaicLockRaster",
    "lockRasterIds": [

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