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Web Scene Specification

Simple Renderer

A simple renderer is a renderer that uses one symbol only.

Referenced by: renderer


Property Details
authoringInfo An object containing metadata about the authoring process for creating a renderer object. This allows the authoring clients to save specific overridable settings so that next time it is accessed via the UI, their selections are remembered. Non-authoring clients can ignore it.
description Description of the renderer.
label The text string that is displayed in the table of contents.
symbol An object that represents how all features will be drawn.
type Specifies the type of renderer used.
Value of this property must be simple
visualVariables An array of objects used to set rendering properties.


  "renderer": {
    "type": "simple",
    "symbol": {
      "type": "PointSymbol3D",
      "symbolLayers": [
          "type": "Icon",
          "resource": {
            "primitive": "circle"
          "material": {
            "color": [
          "size": 12

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