Symbol Layer that describes a water appearance on surfaces in a SceneView.

Referenced by: PolygonSymbol3D


Property Details
color The dominant water color.
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Valid value of this property Water
waterbodySize Size of the waterbody the symbol layer represents. Applications will display waves that are appropriate for the chosen body of water, for example ocean versus marina versus swimming pool.
Valid values:
  • large
  • medium
  • small
waveDirection Azimuthal bearing for direction of the waves. If ommitted, waves appear directionless. The value is interpreted as 'geographic' rotation, i.e. clockwise starting from north.
waveStrength The magnitude of the waves displayed on the waterbody. Strings roughly follow the Douglas sea scale, currently limited to lower degrees.
Valid values:
  • calm
  • moderate
  • rippled
  • slight

Water SymbolLayer defaults Example

  "type": "Water"

Water SymbolLayer Example

  "type": "Water",
  "color": [
  "waterbodySize": "large",
  "waveStrength": "rippled",
  "waveDirection": 60

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