Join Table DataSource

Join Table data source is the result of a join operation. Nested joins are supported. To use nested joins, set either leftTableSource or rightTableSource to be a joinTable.

Referenced by: dataSource


Property Details
joinType The type of join (left outer or left inner).
Valid values:
  • esriLeftInnerJoin
  • esriLeftOuterJoin
leftTableKey Field name from the left table.
leftTableSource The left source. If the leftTableSource is a table, the resulting joinTable is a table. If the leftTableSource is a layer, the resulting joinTable is a layer.
rightTableKey Field name from the right table.
rightTableSource The right table source.
type String value indicating the type for the dataSource.
Valid value of this property joinTable

Join Table DataSource Example

  "type": "joinTable",
  "leftTableSource": {
    "type": "mapLayer",
    "mapLayerId": 0
  "rightTableSource": {
    "type": "dataLayer",
    "dataSource": {
      "type": "table",
      "workspaceId": "MAP",
      "dataSourceName": "MAP.user1.TaxLots",
      "gdbVersion": "MAP.Version1"
  "leftTableKey": "STATE_FIPS",
  "rightTableKey": "FIPS",
  "joinType": "esriLeftOuterJoin"

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