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Web Scene Specification


The origin of the style from which the symbol was originally referenced. A reference to the style origin can be either by styleName or by styleUrl (but not both). It may be used to understand where a symbol was originally sourced from, but does not affect actual appearance or rendering of the symbol.

Referenced by: LineSymbol3D, MeshSymbol3D, PointSymbol3D, PolygonSymbol3D


Property Details
name Identifies a symbol in the style by name.
styleName A registered web style name, such as EsriThematicShapesStyle
styleUrl URL to a style definition.
Must be one of the following values:
  • String
    An absolute URL
  • String
    A relative path starting with ./


  "symbol": {
    "styleOrigin": {
      "styleName": "EsriThematicTreesStyle",
      "name": "Frangula"
    "type": "PointSymbol3D",
    "symbolLayers": [
        "type": "Object",
        "resource": {
          "href": ""
        "height": 100,
        "material": {
          "color": [

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