Raster ClassBreaks Renderer

Defines the color of each raster cell based on the value of a numeric attribute. Colors are assigned based on classed ranges of data.

Referenced by: Raster Renderers


Property Details
authoringInfo An object containing metadata about the authoring process for creating a renderer object. This allows the authoring clients to save specific overridable settings so that next time it is accessed via the UI, their selections are remembered. Non-authoring clients can ignore it.
colorClassBreakInfos[] Each element in the array is an object that provides information about a class break associated with the renderer.
defaultColor The defaultColor on the renderer that get assigned to features with no value or features that do not fall within the configured data.
defaultLabel Default label for the default symbol used to draw unspecified values.
field The name of the field that is used for the renderer.
legendOptions A legend containing one title, which is a string describing the renderer in the legend.
normalizationField Used when normalizationType is field. The string value indicating the attribute field by which the data value is normalized.
normalizationTotal Used when normalizationType is percent-of-total, this number property contains the total of all data values.
normalizationType Determine how the data was normalized.
Valid values:
  • esriNormalizeByField
  • esriNormalizeByLog
  • esriNormalizeByPercentOfTotal
type Specifies the type of renderer used.
Valid value of this property rasterClassBreaksRenderer

rasterClassBreaksRenderer Example

  "type": "rasterClassBreaksRenderer",
  "field": "Value",
  "colorClassBreakInfos": [
      "classMinValue": 11,
      "classMaxValue": 27.8,
      "label": "11 - 27.8",
      "color": [
      "classMinValue": 27.8,
      "classMaxValue": 44.6,
      "label": "27.6 - 44.6",
      "color": [

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