mediaInfo chart value

The value object contains information for popup windows about how charts should be constructed.

Referenced by: mediaInfo chart


Property Details
colors[] Used with charts. An optional array of colors where each color sequentially corresponds to a field in the fields property. When the value for mediaInfo.type is linechart, the first color in the array will drive the line color. If colors is longer than fields, unmatched colors are ignored. If colors is shorter than fields or colors isn't specified, a default color ramp is applied
fields[] An array of strings, with each string containing the name of a field to display in the chart.
normalizeField An optional string containing the name of a field. The values of all fields in the chart will be normalized (divided) by the value of this field.
tooltipField String value indicating the tooltip for a chart specified from another field. This field is needed when related records are not used. It is used for showing tooltips from another field in the same layer or related layer/table.


  "fields": [
  "tooltipField": "relationships/2/Official",
  "colors": [

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