Root element in the web scene specifying an array of table objects.

Referenced by: Webscene


Property Details
capabilities A comma-separated string listing which editing operations are allowed on an editable feature service. Available operations include: Create, Delete, Query, Update, and Editing.
customParameters A sequence of custom parameters appended to the URL of all requests related to a layer.
definitionEditor Object indicating the definitionEditor used as a layer's interactive filter.
disablePopup Indicates whether to allow a client to ignore popups defined by the service item.
id Unique string identifier for the table.
itemId Unique string value indicating an item registered in ArcGIS Online or your organization's portal.
layerDefinition A layerDefinition object defining a definition expression for the table.
path For offline data, a path to a geodatabase file. A URI format is used starting with file: followed by a file system path with a .geodatabase extension. A query parameter itemId must also be present specifying the ID of a table in the geodatabase's GDB_ServiceItems table. A relative path must be from the file which defines the table. For example file:../p20/northamerica.geodatabase?itemId=5.
popupInfo An object defining the content of popup windows when you query a record and the sort option for child related records.
title String value for the title of the table.
url String value indicating the URL reference of the hosted table.

table Example

  "url": "",
  "id": "SF311_1421",
  "title": "SF311 - SF_Crime_Incidents",
  "itemId": "0217f8067457410a998fc9293563ba94",
  "layerDefinition": {},
  "definitionEditor": {},
  "popupInfo": {},
  "capabilities": "Query"

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