Elevation info defines how features are aligned to ground or other layers.

Referenced by: layerDefinition, LineOfSight Observer, LineOfSight Target


Property Details
featureExpression Deprecated with 1.8, use featureExpressionInfo instead. {"value":0} ignores geometry z-values.
featureExpressionInfo An object that defines an expression for per-feature elevation. If not set, geometry.z values are used for elevation. unit is applied to the resulting expression value.
mode Determines how the service elevation values are combined with the elevation of the scene.
Valid values:
  • absoluteHeight
  • onTheGround
  • relativeToGround
  • relativeToScene
offset Offset is always added to the result of the above logic except for onTheGround where offset is ignored.
unit A string value indicating the unit for the values in elevationInfo. Applies to both offset and featureExpressionInfo. Defaults to meter if not set. 1

Additional information

ElevationInfo in ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
1Supported units: foot, kilometer, meter, mile, us-foot, yard


  "mode": "relativeToGround",
  "offset": 200,
  "featureExpressionInfo": {
    "expression": "$feature.ELEVATION_FOOT"
  "unit": "foot"

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