Building Scene Layer Filter

Filter allows client applications to reduce the drawn elements of a building to specific types and values. Filters on the webscene override the list of existing filters on the service.

Referenced by: Building Scene Layer (BuildingSceneLayer)


Property Details
description Description of the filter.
filterAuthoringInfo Metadata about the athoring process for this filter.
filterBlocks[] Array of filter blocks defining the filter. A filter contains at least one filter block.
id unique filter id (uuid). Either a new id to extend the list of filters, or an existing id to override properties of an existing filter.
name Name of the filter.

Building Scene Layer Filter Example

  "id": "5a7e75ce-ceb8-4922-aba7-0aadb16976e2",
  "name": "Test Filter",
  "description": "Example Filter for webscene spec",
  "filterBlocks": [
      "title": "Solid",
      "filterExpression": "floorId = 5 AND deletedPhase IS NULL",
      "filterMode": {
        "type": "solid"
      "title": "Wireframe",
      "filterExpression": "floorId < 5 AND deletedPhase IS NULL",
      "filterMode": {
        "type": "wireFrame",
        "edges": {
          "type": "solid",
          "color": [
          "size": 0.75,
          "transparency": 50

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