UniqueValueFromStyle Renderer

This is a special version of UniqueValue Renderer, which loads uniqueValue infos from a style definition.

Referenced by: renderer


Property Details
defaultLabel Default string for the default symbol used to draw unspecified values.
defaultSymbol The defaultSymbol on the renderer that get assigned to features with no value or features that do not fall within the configured data.
field1 String value specifying the first field used to render matching values.
styleName A registered web style name. Can not be used in conjunction with styleUrl.
styleUrl URL that points to the web style definition. Can not be used in conjunction with styleName.
type Specifies the type of renderer used.
Valid value of this property uniqueValue
visualVariables[] An array of visualVariable objects used for continuous color or size, simple, and unique values with feature opacity.

UniqueValueFromStyle Renderer Example

  "type": "uniqueValue",
  "styleName": "EsriRealisticTreesStyle",
  "field1": "genus",
  "visualVariables": [
      "type": "sizeInfo",
      "field": "height",
      "axis": "height",
      "valueUnit": "feet"
      "type": "sizeInfo",
      "field": "diameter",
      "axis": "widthAndDepth",
      "valueUnit": "feet"

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