A colorStop object describes the renderer's color ramp with more specificity than just colors.

Referenced by: ColorInfo Visual Variable, PointCloud Stretch Renderer


Property Details
color A CSS color string or an array of rbga values. The color to place at the stop indicated by either a ratio or value.
label Value if a label is needed on the legend for a stop.
value The pixel intensity value. Describes the pixel intensity value that the color should be associated with. Just like in colorInfo, using value will ignore maxPixelIntensity and minPixelIntensity properties. It will actually set those properties to maximum and minimum values you set in the colorStops array. The hard values are converted to ratios to create the color gradient that is used in the heatmap calculations. Setting minPixelIntensity or maxPixelIntensity, after setting colorStops with values, removes the hard link between the color ramp and the pixel intensity values that were used to create it.

colorStops Example

  "value": 8035,
  "color": [
  "label": "< 8,035"

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