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Web Scene Specification


PolygonSymbol3D is used to render features with Polygon geometry in a 3D SceneView. Polygon features may also be rendered as points with icons or objects at the centroid of each polygon.

Referenced by: ClassBreaks Renderer, Symbol3D, UniqueValue Renderer


Property Details
styleOrigin The origin of the style from which the symbol was originally referenced.
symbolLayers A Collection of Symbol3DLayer objects used to visualize the graphic or feature.
Array of items of the following types:
  • fillSymbol3DLayer
    FillSymbol3DLayer is used to render the surfaces of flat 2D Polygon geometries and 3D volumetric meshes in a SceneView.
  • extrudeSymbol3DLayer
    ExtrudeSymbol3DLayer is used to render Polygon geometries by extruding them upward from the ground, creating a 3D volumetric object.
  • waterSymbol3DLayer
    Symbol Layer that describes a water appearance on surfaces in a SceneView.
  • iconSymbol3DLayer
    IconSymbol3DLayer is used to render Point geometries using a flat 2D icon (e.g. a circle) with a PointSymbol3D in a SceneView.
  • objectSymbol3DLayer
    ObjectSymbol3DLayer is used to render Point geometries using a volumetric 3D shape (e.g., a sphere or cylinder) with a Symbol3D in a SceneView.
  • textSymbol3DLayer
    Symbol layer for text and font definitions.
  • lineSymbol3DLayer
    Deprecated, use fillSymbol3DLayer with outline instead
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Value of this property must be PolygonSymbol3D

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