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Web Scene Specification


PolygonSymbol3D is used to render features with Polygon geometry in a 3D SceneView. Polygon features may also be rendered as points with icons or objects at the centroid of each polygon.


Property Details
styleOrigin The origin of the style from which the symbol was originally referenced.
symbolLayers A Collection of Symbol3DLayer objects used to visualize the graphic or feature.
Array of items of the following types:
  • fillSymbol3DLayer
    FillSymbol3DLayer is used to render the surfaces of flat 2D Polygon geometries and 3D volumetric meshes in a SceneView.
  • extrudeSymbol3DLayer
    ExtrudeSymbol3DLayer is used to render Polygon geometries by extruding them upward from the ground, creating a 3D volumetric object.
  • waterSymbol3DLayer
    Symbol Layer that describes a water appearance on surfaces in a SceneView.
  • iconSymbol3DLayer
    IconSymbol3DLayer is used to render Point geometries using a flat 2D icon (e.g. a circle) with a PointSymbol3D in a SceneView.
  • objectSymbol3DLayer
    ObjectSymbol3DLayer is used to render Point geometries using a volumetric 3D shape (e.g., a sphere or cylinder) with a Symbol3D in a SceneView.
  • textSymbol3DLayer
    Symbol layer for text and font definitions.
  • lineSymbol3DLayer
    Deprecated, use fillSymbol3DLayer with outline instead
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Value of this property must be PolygonSymbol3D

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