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Web Scene Specification


A layer object may allow overrides on popup content and drawing behavior for individual layers of a web service. This object also contains geographic features and their attributes when used in a feature collection.

Referenced by: Map Service Layer (ArcGISMapServiceLayer), Tiled Map Service Layer (ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer)


Property Details
defaultVisibility Default visibility of the layers in the map service.
disablePopup Indicates whether to allow a client to ignore the popups defined on the layer. The popupInfo object could be saved in the map or item.
id The layer id, as a numeric value.
layerDefinition Additional properties that define drawing information and other configurations for the layer.
See layerDefinition properties table.
layerUrl A URL to a service that should be used for all queries against the layer.
listMode To show or hide the sublayer in the layer list. If the layer has sublayers, selecting hide-children will hide them in the layer list.
If property is present, must be one of the following values:
  • hide
  • hide-children
  • show
maxScale A number representing the maximum scale at which the layer will be visible. The number is the scale's denominator.
minScale A number representing the minimum scale at which the layer will be visible. The number is the scale's denominator.
name The name of the layer.
parentLayerId If working with nested layers, this is the numeric value indicating the layer id of the next layer (parent) directly above the current referenced layer.
popupInfo A popupInfo object defining the popup window content for the layer.
showLabels A Boolean indicating if the layer should display labels in client applications.
showLegend A Boolean indicating if the layer should be shown in the legend in client applications.
subLayerIds If the layer is a parent layer, it will have one or more sub layers included in an array.

layerDefinition properties

Property Details
definitionExpression SQL-based definition expression string that narrows the data to be displayed in the layer.
drawingInfo Contains the drawing and labeling information.
source An object indicating the layerDefinition's layer source.

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