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Web Scene Specification


Contains information about an attribute field and feature geometry.

Referenced by: template


Property Details
attributes The feature attributes. A JSON object that contains a dictionary of name-value pairs. The names are the feature field names. The values are the field values, and they can be any of the standard JSON types: string, number, and boolean. Note that date values are encoded as numbers. The number represents the number of milliseconds since epoch (January 1, 1970) in UTC.
geometry It can be any of the supported geometry types.
symbol Symbol used for drawing the feature.


  "feature": {
    "geometry": {
      "x": -118.15,
      "y": 33.8
    "attributes": {
      "OWNER": "Joe Smith",
      "VALUE": 94820.37,
      "APPROVED": true,
      "LASTUPDATE": 1227663551096
    "symbol": {
      "type": "PolygonSymbol3D",
      "symbolLayers": [
          "type": "Fill",
          "material": {
            "color": [

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