Integrated Mesh Layer (IntegratedMeshLayer)

An integrated mesh can represent built and natural 3D features, such as building walls, trees, valleys, and cliffs, with realistic textures and includes elevation information.


Property Details
id A unique identifying string for the layer.
itemId Optional string containing the item ID of the service if it's registered on ArcGIS Online or your organization's portal.
layerDefinition A layerDefinition object defining the attribute schema and drawing information for the layer.
See layerDefinition properties table.
layerType String indicating the layer type.
Value of this property must be IntegratedMeshLayer
listMode Type:String
If property is present, must be one of the following values:
  • show
  • hide
opacity The degree of transparency applied to the layer on the client side, where 0 is full transparency and 1 is no transparency.
path For offline data, a path to integrated mesh data in a scene layer package file. A URI format is used, starting with file: followed by a file system path with an extension of .slpk. A relative path must be from the file which defines the layer. For example file:../p20/edinburgh.slpk.
title A user-friendly string title for the layer that can be used in a table of contents. If this is not included, a title is derived from the service.
url The URL to the layer. If the layer is not from a web service but rather a feature collection, then the url property is omitted.
visibility Boolean property determining whether the layer is initially visible in the web scene.

layerDefinition properties

Property Details
elevationInfo Elevation info defines how features are aligned to ground or other layers.


Data for example service was provided by Institute Cartografic i Geologic Catalunya (ICGC).

  "operationalLayers": [
      "id": "1589c525c4c-layer-0",
      "title": "Integrated Mesh Girona",
      "url": "",
      "visibility": true,
      "layerType": "IntegratedMeshLayer",
      "layerDefinition": {
        "elevationInfo": {
          "mode": "absoluteHeight",
          "offset": 100

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