Volume Style

The volume style allows you to define the exaggeration and offset.

Referenced by: Voxel Style


Property Details
dynamicSections[] Array of dynamic sections of the volume. (Only if style.renderMode = surfaces). Dynamic sections are planes through the voxel layer used for visual analysis to inspect the voxel layer at specified positions. Sections are visible if the voxel layer shows surfaces. For example, you can define a cross section diagram using dynamic sections.
exaggerationMode Determines how the vertical exaggeration is applied. scale-height scales from the voxel dataset origin only, for example, if a voxel layer has its minimum at sea level the layer will be exaggerated starting from sea level. scale-height is the default. scale-position also scales the space between voxel dataset origin in the coordinate system origin. This exaggeration mode is identical with exaggeration applied to other layers like feature layers (use the scale position option if you want to draw the voxel layer together with feature based data).
Valid values:
  • scale-height
  • scale-position
slices[] Array of slices applied to this volume. Slices reduce the voxel volume to an area of interest. Slices are applied to both voxel style renderModes (volume, surfaces).
verticalExaggeration Vertical exaggeration factor.
verticalOffset Vertical offset value in vertical unit of the spatial reference of the voxel layer.
volumeId Id of the volume in the volume array (a maximum of one style per volumeId).

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