LineSymbol3DLayer renders Polyline geometries using a flat 2D line with a LineSymbol3D in a 3D SceneView.

Referenced by: LineSymbol3D, PolygonSymbol3D


Property Details
cap Shape of the beginning and the end of each line geometry.
Valid values:
  • butt
  • round
  • square
enable Type: Boolean
join Shape of the intersection of two line segments.
Valid values:
  • bevel
  • miter
  • round
material The material used to shade the geometry.
size Line width in points, positive only
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Valid value of this property Line

Line SymbolLayer Example

  "type": "Line",
  "material": {
    "color": [
  "size": 12,
  "cap": "round",
  "join": "round"

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