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Web Scene Specification


The material used to shade the geometry, including colorMixMode options.

Referenced by: FillSymbol3DLayer


Property Details
color Color is represented as a three or four-element array.
colorMixMode Controls how symbolLayer or visualVariable color is applied onto the underlying geometry color/texture. This property only applies to FillSymbol3DLayer within MeshSymbol3D.
  • tint: the feature's appearance (in terms of color) should be altered to match the symbol / visual variable color.
  • replace: the feature's color is replaced with the symbol / visual variable color.
  • multiply: the feature's color is multiplied with the symbol color.

If property is present, must be one of the following values:
  • multiply
  • replace
  • tint
transparency A value between 100 (full transparency) and 0 (full opacity). Ignored if no color is specified.


  "material": {
    "color": [
    "transparency": 20,
    "colorMixMode": "tint"

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