IAISImageService3X Interface

IAISImageService3X Interface


Name Description
Method ApplyServiceProperties
Method Close Shuts downs and cleans up the Image Service object. This function does not clean up other objects created by the Image Service object itself.
Method ExtractAoi
Method GetBufferSize Returns the size of buffer required for the last request AOI image.
Method GetImageInBuffer Gets the last requested AOI image into the buffer provided. This method will not work on 64-bit platforms and has been deprecated. Use the new alternative method QueryImageData() on IAISImageService3X for the same purpose.
Method GetImageInfo
Method GetImageMetadata
Method GetMetaData
Method GetProperty Get the value of the given property
Method Init
Method QueryImageData Gets the last requested AOI image.
Read-only property ServiceInfo
Read/write property ServiceProperties
Method SetProperty Set the value of the given property
Read-only property Status Returns a status XML string that defines the state of the last operation performed by this Image Service object.

IAISImageService3X.QueryImageData Method

Gets the last requested AOI image.

Public Function QueryImageData ( _
    ByRef pImageData As Byte[]& _
) As Boolean
public bool QueryImageData (
    ref Byte[]& pImageData

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IAISImageService2X IAISImageService2X Interface
IAISImageServiceX IAISImageService Interface

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