IRasterSensorXform2 Interface

Provides access to sensor model state


Name Description
Read/write property IntersectionProviderName Intersection Provider Name.
Read-only property SensorModelName Sensor Model Name.
Read-only property SensorModelProperties Sensor model properties.
Read/write property State Sensor model state.
Read-only property TerrainProperties Terrain properties.

IRasterSensorXform2.SensorModelName Property

Sensor Model Name.

Public ReadOnly Property SensorModelName As String
public string SensorModelName {get;}

IRasterSensorXform2.SensorModelProperties Property

Sensor model properties.

Public ReadOnly Property SensorModelProperties As IJSONObject
public IJSONObject SensorModelProperties {get;}

IRasterSensorXform2.TerrainProperties Property

Terrain properties.

Public ReadOnly Property TerrainProperties As IJSONObject
public IJSONObject TerrainProperties {get;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRasterSensorXform Provides access to sensor model state

Classes that implement IRasterSensorXform2

Classes Description

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